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Mã hàng: PXW-X200

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PXW-X200 New 17 times Zoom Lens
–The PXW-X200 is equipped with a newly developed 17 times zoom lens designed by Fujifilm. The focal length at the wide end is 29.3mm and zoom up to 498.7mm (35mm equivalent). Although the camera adopts 1/2-type imagers, which is bigger than most of the other brand camcorder’s 1/3-type or 1/4-type, the lens is designed as compact as possible. The size difference with the 14 times zoom lens which was incorporated in the PMW-200 is only approx 15mm in length.
–The lens has the image stabilizing function by the shift lens mechanism. Also the lens has Focus, Zoom and Iris independent manual control rings. And each ring has a mechanical end-stop for critical manual control. The filter diameter is 77mm.


1080/59.94P, 50P Shooting
–The PXW-X200 is possible to shoot and record in 1920x1080/59.94P and 1920x1080/50P. This is good for high speed shooting in sports. The 1080/59.94P and 1080/50P recording is possible while XAVC Long CODEC (50 or 35Mbps) is selected.

Slow & Quick motion (Only with the SxS Pro, SxS-1 and XQD memory card. And the function is not guaranteed with SD card.)
–Please find below for the selectable frame rates in each recording format.

     Base Frame Rate (Playback Frame Rate)  S&Q Frame Rate
 XAVC Intra

 XAVC Long

 1920x1080  29.97P, 23.98P  1 to 30 frames/sec in 1 step and 60frames
 1920x1080  25P  1 to 25 frames/sec in 1 step and 50frames
 1280x720  59.94P  1 to 60 frames/sec in 1 step
 1280x720  50P  1 to 50 frames/sec in 1 step
 MPEG HD422  1920x1080  29.97P, 23.98P  1 to 30 frames/sec in 1 step
 1920x1080  25P  1 to 25 frames/sec in 1 step
 1280x720  59.94P, 29.97P, 23.98P  1 to 60 frames/sec in 1 step
 1280x720  59.94P, 29.97P, 23.98P  1 to 50 frames/sec in 1 step
 MPEG HQ  1920x1080  29.97P, 23.98P, 25P  1 to 30 frames/sec in 1 step
 1280x720  59.94P, 50P, 29.97P, 23.98P, 25P  1 to 60 frames/sec in 1 step

–The PXW-X200 inherits the CODEC selection from the PMW-200.
–Adding to them, new XAVC CODEC is available on the PXW-X200.
–XAVC formats can be recorded on exFAT system, MPEG-2 formats can be recorded either on exFAT or UDF file system. And DV format can be recorded either on UDF (UDF) or FAT32 (AVI) file system.

Proxy Video Recording
–The PXW X200 can also record Proxy video on a SD card which is inserted in PROXY card slot.
  • Video : H.264 (1280x720: 9Mbps(VBR), 640x360: 3Mbps(VBR), 480x270: 1Mbps(VBR) or 500kbps(VBR))
  • Audio : AAC-LC (48kHz 128kbps 2ch)
  • File Format : MP4

Picture Cache Recording
–A recording can be started up to 15 seconds before pushing REC START miss the important scene in news gathering. The cache time is selectable 4-6 sec, 6-8 sec, 8-10 sec and 13-15 sec in CAMERA MENU while XAVC CODEC is selected. In XAVC Intra, the maximum cache time is 2-4 sec.

Simultaneous Recording on two media
–The PXW-X200 has the Simul Recording function. Utilizing this, a mirror recording is possible.
–(Note) An individual rec trigger is not possible unlike the PXW-X180/X160.

  • The function is activated by firmware version upgrade which is scheduled in years 2015.

Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe)
–The PXW-X200 is equipped with a Multi Interface Shoe (MI Shoe). MI Shoe has an electric interface in its mechanical attachment and a camera and an attached accessory can communicate each other to work conveniently.
–There are two MI Shoe accessories that can be used with the PXW-X200 as of now. Either of them can be connected to the MI shoe.

  • The MI Shoe is activated by firmware version upgrade which is scheduled in years 2015.

3G-SDI & HDMI Interface
–The PXW-X200 has a SDI Interface to connect with the professional equipments such as a monitor, recorder, switcher etc. When in 1080/59.94P or 1080/50P mode, it works as 3G-SDI and is able to output the 1080/59.94P or 50P signal. The 1080/59.94i or 1080/50i converted signal can be also output in accordance with the menu setting while the camera is in 1080/59.94P or 1080/50P mode.
– The down-conversion output from HD to SD is also possible.
–Adding to the SDI, the PXW-X200 has a HDMI output interface. Since HDMI is popular in the consumer products, monitoring the content on an inexpensive consumer TV is possible. The simultaneous output both from SDI and HDMI is possible.
–The Rec Trigger signal can be sent through SDI and HDMI to link an external recording device. The function can be activated by Video Set Menu.

Wireless functions
–The PXW-X200 has the Wireless functions. By attaching the supplied IFU-WLM3, the below function can be realized. The function is basically common with the Sony CBK-WA100 wireless adaptor.
–(Note) The IFU-WLM3 is the only Wi-Fi adaptor that can be connected to the PXW-X200 . For the streaming function, a 3G/LTE adaptor is required. And the applicable adaptor will be announced separately when it will be ready.
–Video/Audio Streaming (The function is activated by the firmware version upgrade)
–File Transfer
–Wi-Fi Remote Control
–Streaming to Tablet/Smartphone

–The IFU-WLM3 is supplied with the PXW-X200 . Since the IFU-WLM3 needs a type approval, the PXW-X200 can not  be sold in some countries.
–Please check with individual country status.



-The PXW-X200 has NFC (Near Field Communication) chip in the camera grip. It greatly helps the connect-ability between the PXW-X200 and the Android devices.
-ONLY 2 EASY STEPS to start wireless operation
  • Activate NFC both on the camera and on the Smartphone/Tablet
  • Put your Smartphone close to the camera
  • SSID/Password is set on the Smartphone and the connection is established automatically
  • Content Browser Mobile is started up and the target device is selected automatically.

–The PXW-X200is equipped with a GPS device. The GPS data is automatically obtained and recorded in two file locations.
–The GPS function can be disabled by OTHERS menu.

  • The GPS function is activated by firmware version upgrade which is scheduled in years 2015.
  • Log file implementation is TBD.


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